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Biennal of Douro 2016

Purpose of the work: Dual Triptych This work evokes the ravages of time passing with the eternal cycles but also deals with the traces of memory left behind. For this engraved work to be seen in its entirety: the dual triptych should rest on a pedestal as a sculpture would, so both sides can be seen by walking around it. The panels can be opened in varying degrees up to the maximum. The work has been deliberaty aged, showing torn sections and evocative texts, integrating both original plates and their corresponding prints, even sewn onto the work. The threads, intentionally left exposed, represente those moments in life where one can feel trapped, like an insect in a spider web. But there are also happy moments, moments of joy and poetry with its restorative powers. In short, a normal life.... Linocut on rice paper, etchings, aquatints on Fabriano Paper, zinc plates, rubbings on black foam board.

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